Limonada Fresca

4 Jul

I begin with something simple- some limonada fresca (fresh lemonade).
My mami used to make this for me and my three brothers and I always remember it being better than any crystal-light-country-time-powdered-lemonade-concoction. Trust me, the time you put into it is worth it.

Originally, I wanted to make some limon con chia, but chia is hard to find here. I’ll keep looking- hopefully I find it soon!

 The recipe is very simple. You’ll need:

1. About 6-8 lemons
2. 1 cup of sugar (this is an estimate, but trust me you’ll need a  lot)
3. 2-4 quarts of water

Cut your lemons into quarters. Then take the lemons, sugar, and water and  put them in a blender.


Drain the juice. Taste (add sugar/water if needed).


Usually my mom and I squeeze the lemons individually, but I  decided to try it this way instead. It was messier, but it came out just as good.

Here’s a link which might be  helpful:

Limonada en Pocos Pasos


2 Responses to “Limonada Fresca”

  1. lifewellblended July 19, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Hi. I found your blog and enjoy the cooking aspect. I have done a few recipes on my blog too, but only one of them is mexican food. What kind of lemons are you using? They look green. Are they sweet limes? I have a tree of sweet limes and nobody really likes them because my family wants sour not sweet. Maybe they would be good for limonada fresca?

    • movieandamexican July 19, 2011 at 11:38 am #

      Hello there!

      You can use any kind of lime or lemon (green or yellow). The recipe really depends- these are mainly very sour and that’s why you have to add so much sugar in!
      The limes I used for this recipe were sour, but if you have sweet ones, then that would be perfect! The trick with limonada fresca is to get the perfect combination of sweet and sour. If yours are already sweeter than usual, just taste the pitcher after mixing it with water. Add a spoonful of sugar after. If it’s still not sweet enough, repeat. Hope this helps!

      Thanks for reading,

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