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4 Oct


I love food that is breaded. LOVE it. The concept is hard to screw up. Just take some eggs and breadcrumbs. Or croutons. Or crackers. Use these ingredients and watch magic happen.

As a college student, I seriously appreciate the simplicity and tastiness behind this meal. For me, Milanesa back home is typically eaten as a sandwich. You might know it as a torta. In a torta, you have lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and of course, your Milanesa. Another great thing about this dish is that it’s versatile. You can do chicken, pork, or beef. You can make it a sandwich or a full meal with rice and beans. Continue reading


20 Sep


As a farewell to a wonderful summer, I cooked up one of Mexico’s most famous recipes— Ceviche. To my advantage, the weather was somewhat warm this weekend, making the food taste that much better. And, living by the coast helped me out, too. Luckily, I am able to choose from a variety of fish that are not frozen, but fresh.  Continue reading


2 Sep


One of the things that stuck to me the most about La Ley de Herodes (Herod’s Law) was the feeling behind the movie. It was that of traditional Mexico. I could smell the rural town and its people through the screen. The desert, the decor, and the clothing made me reminiscent of my time spent travelling down Baja. I never lived in a small town with natives who couldn’t speak Spanish, but I encountered several of them. Continue reading


9 Aug


So, why is the inspired dish flan? No, none of the characters in Sexo, Pudor, y Lágrimas ever cooked flan. Honestly, it wasn’t even mentioned or shown in the movie whatsoever.

When I saw this Mexican film for the first time, all I could think was that these ignorant couples needed to learn the value of patience.  And, they’re all bitter and unhappy, too. Flan immediately popped into my head. As a possible remedy for bad attitudes and relationship woes, I chose to cook this traditional Mexican dessert.

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Aleks Syntek in Sexo, Pudor, Y Lágrimas

20 Jul

Talented Mexican composer and musician Aleks Syntek created the catchy song for the soundtrack of Sexo, Pudor, y Lágrimas. Originally from Merida, Yucatán, Aleks Syntek’s interest in music began from an early age and by 18, he had already produced a platinum record.

I personally love Aleks Syntek and while he’s not the best-looking artist on the market, his talent goes a long way. And, his music is absolutely perfect for this movie. Romantic and bittersweet. Continue reading

Sexo, Pudor, y Lágrimas (Sex, Shame, and Tears)

18 Jul

Maria: La mujer perfecta debe ser un dama en la mesa y una puta en la cama.
Ana: Pues, yo siempre he sido una dama en la cama y una puta en la mesa. 

Maria: Men look for a woman that is a lady at the table and a slut in bed. 
Ana: Well, I’ve always been a lady in bed and a slut at the table.

I’m not sure whether to think that Sexo, Pudor, Y Lágrimas was a triumphant representation of the battle of the sexes or just an overly exaggerated Mexican telenovela brought to the big screen. But, I don’t really care, because I was hooked from start to finish. Continue reading

Chiles Rellenos

12 Jul

These recipes are intended to bring my Mexican culture back to life. And this recipe certainly did the trick. If cooking this doesn’t, then I’m not sure what will.

During one of the last scenes in Como Agua Para Chocolate, you see multiple women preparing a dish called Chiles en Nogada. The dish I have prepared is similar, but less complicated. In order to keep the recipe simple (and as close to the movie as possible), I chose to make some Chiles Rellenos. Perhaps when I find the right ingredients (and when I’m a more experienced cook!) will I choose to make some Chiles en Nogada.

For this notorious recipe you will need the following ingredients:

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