Limonada Fresca

I begin with something simple- some limonada fresca (fresh lemonade).
My mami used to make this for me and my three brothers and I always remember it being better than any crystal-light-country-time-powdered-lemonade-concoction. Trust me, the time you put into it is worth it.

Originally, I wanted to make some limon con chia, but chia is hard to find here. I’ll keep looking- hopefully I find it soon!

 The recipe is very simple. You’ll need:

1. About 6-8 lemons
2. 1 cup of sugar (this is an estimate, but trust me you’ll need a  lot)
3. 2-4 quarts of water

Cut your lemons into quarters. Then take the lemons, sugar, and water and  put them in a blender.


Drain the juice. Taste (add sugar/water if needed).


Usually my mom and I squeeze the lemons individually, but I  decided to try it this way instead. It was messier, but it came out just as good.

Here’s a link which might be  helpful:

Limonada en Pocos Pasos


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